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Mary Miller

Mary Miller is a Republican who grew up in a conservative Christian household in Texas. She attended public schools through graduation from Round Rock High School in Round Rock, Texas.

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Lupe Valdez

In 2004, Lupe Valdez become one of the first Dallas Democrats elected countywide in many years. Lupe was ultimately elected to four terms as Sheriff of Dallas County and served

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Cole Hefner

A native East Texan, Cole Hefner lives in Mount Pleasant. He was elected state representative, House District 5 in May 2016. Prior to being elected to the Texas House of

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Stefano de Stefano

This is my first, and likely only, campaign for elected office. My candidacy bucks the corrosive caricatures of Republicans and Democrats that undermine a functioning government. As a U.S. Senator,

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Tom Wakely

My name is Tom Wakely and I am running for Texas Governor. Four issues dominated this year’s gubernatorial election: income inequality, healthcare, criminal justice reform and climate change. To address


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