The war over Marvin Nichols

The war over Marvin Nichols

Tensions ran high as East Texans and Dallas-Fort Worth area policymakers spoke on Tuesday in Sulphur Springs about the proposed Marvin Nichols reservoir, which could occupy as much as 65,000 acres as soon as 2050 in Franklin, Titus and Red River counties.

A banner was displayed at Cottrell Chapel CME at last year's MLK March.

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Jr. Day is a national holiday honoring the work of the late pastor and human rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. King believed in a fair country, undivided by race and class, where each child had as much opportunity as the next. As a nation, much of our great civic progress can be attributed to King and his unwavering conviction and his willingness to fight for the rights of all people.In his famous speech, “I Have a Dream,” King states that though African American citizens had been freed from slavery years before, they still were not free. Great prejudice was abundant in the days King lived. Schools were segregated, African American adults and children were discriminated against, and poverty ran rampant in black communities.


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