Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

A long time ago when I moved to Titus County, the dump sites used by most folks were our county roads. The best dump sites were those that had a bridge over a creek. People love to throw things into the water. Other favorite spots were on the less traveled roads. They were handy because a feller could get out and unload his trash and junk without being interrupted.

Now some time back, Titus County decided to start having a clean-up week and I started seeing less trash on our county roads. Most people here want to do what’s right, and if it’s not too much trouble to do what’s right, they will do it. Titus County having a clean-up week was a working solution to help keep our county clean.

The past clean-up week was not very well planned and the results ended up costing more than it should have. I had a trailer load of old junk and when I went to unload it, there were no dumpsters. I returned home without dumping the load because I thought I had made a mistake about when clean-up week was taking place. I then drove over to another location and there were no dumpsters, but plenty of trash and junk already thrown out. I assumed that the county had changed the way of doing clean-up week and unloaded my trailer.

Now, I understand that if I want to haul anything off, I’ll have to go to Mount Pleasant and obtain a permit. Then I have to drive thirty plus miles to the landfill. After I get there, I’m going to have to show them my permit and sign some papers so they’ll know how many times I’ve been there.

I’m not a rocket scientist but I think we’re going to start seeing a lot more junk on our county roads.

Bruce Jones

Mount Pleasant Tribune

PO Box 1177
Mount Pleasant TX 75456