A lot (of points) to be thankful for: CH Lady Devils begin holiday break with 2 victories

The Chapel Hill Lady Devils started off their Thanksgiving Break with games on Monday and Tuesday this week before celebrating the holidays. The first game on Monday, the Lady Devils hosted New Boston. Chapel Hill started red hot on defense, holding New Boston to a zero with a first quarter score of 19-0.

New Boston got on track, putting points on the board, but still was outscored in the second quarter 20-11 for a halftime score of 39-11.

The Lady Devils came out of halftime on fire, outscoring New Boston 42-11 for a final score of 80-22.

Tuesday, the Lady Devils traveled to Kilgore to play their last match of the week.

Kilgore tried the option of holding the ball and limiting possessions to try and stay in the game. There were times that Kilgore held the ball for several minutes, but with the Lady Devils in the lead, they were content to play traditional defense and didn’t allow Kilgore to pull them out and spread them out across the floor.

After a 9-6 first quarter in favor of Chapel Hill, the Lady Devils got a bit more breathing room at halftime with at 20-12 lead.

The third quarter was much the same, but the Lady Devils would not be pulled out of position just so Kilgore could drive the lane. The Lady Devils won the third quarter by the margin of 5-4, making it 25-16.

The final quarter, the Lady Devils were in full control and held the Lady Bulldogs to a single free throw. The final score was 31-17, going the way of the Lady Devils.

“It was a great opportunity for our girls to have to play that way and have patience on defense. There were many times that we had to patiently do what was right on defense for several minutes at a stretch,” said head coach Matt Garrett. “The adjustment we made during timeouts and halftime was to focus on doing defense right and let them get out of control instead of being pulled out of position and allowing them to be in control.”

The Lady Devils had the rest of the week off for some needed rest and family time. Chapel Hill will return next week, hosting Winona on Tuesday in a double header with the boys, who will be hosting White Oak.

Box Score

Chapel Hill- 19, 20, 20, 21 - 80

New Boston- 0, 11, 9, 2 - 22

Rebounds- Tompkins 3, Re Crane 11, Waldo 5, Cox 5, Hernandez 2

Assists- Tompkins 5, Bishop 5, Re Crane 7, Garrett 2

Steals- Tompkins 3, Bishop 4, Re Crane 7, Hernandez 2, Garrett 3

Points- Tompkins 11, Bishop 3, Re Crane 15, Guess 9, Waldo 10, Cox 4, Hernandez 4, Garrett 24

3’s- Tomkins 1, Bishop 1, Re Crane 1, Guess 3, Garrett 7

Box Score

Chapel Hill- 9, 11, 5, 6 - 31

Kilgore, 6, 6, 4, 1 - 17

Rebounds- Tompkins 2, Re Crane 2, Waldo 3

Assists- Bishop 2, Waldo 2, Garrett 2

Steals- Bishop 3, Waldo 2

Points- Tompkins 9, Bishop 2, Re Crane 7, Waldo 4, Hernandez 3, Garrett 6

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