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Valentine’s Day is upon us. For Harts Bluff ISD, that means we will have parties with plenty of chocolate and other items that remind us of love. I remember Valentine’s Day as a student. My mom would take me to Eckerd’s, and we would buy Valentine cards to pass out to all the kids in class. It was always lots of fun, especially when you got a card that had the little heart shaped candies that are no longer available. I remember getting to junior high and the big thing was to do Valentine grams, which for a small fee, allowed you to send a note and/or carnation to whomever you chose. The small fee even included delivery so you did not have to take it to them yourself. I am sure many relationships were started with the valentine gram fundraiser. Never me of course, but I heard that some people would actually send one to themselves so it looked like they got one from that special person. You could also buy carnations to hand deliver. I recall getting the nerves up to purchase a carnation to give to a girl that rode the bus with me. That bus ride seemed like the longest ever. I was so nervous. I had it all planned out in my head about how it was going to happen. Needless to say, it did not happen that way. Best I remember, I handed it to her and ran off without saying a word. I don’t think it was ever mentioned again.

I loved school and it was always fun for me. However, we need to remember that that is not how it is for all students. Often times, students may never receive a Valentine card or valentine gram from anybody. Even worst, students are sometimes bullied and picked on and don’t have friends that encourage them or stand up for them. As educators, we need to understand that our role is not just to teach core subjects, but to build appropriate relationships with students so that they have fun exciting experiences at school. I have always said that school is where all my friends are, why would I want to miss it. At Harts Bluff, our teachers and staff go out of their way to build relationships, encourage, support, and show love to kids. This has been done through work with our Communities in Schools partnership, our Kindness Campaign, and our Bulldog Bash. Lets be sure we continue to do all we can as a community to show our kids how special they are and how much we care about them.

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