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PUC chair resigns in wake of call to energy investors

Arthur D’Andrea, the chair and sole remaining member of the Public Utility Commission, resigned late last week at the request of Gov. Gregg Abbott. D’Andrea pledged to remain on the PUC until Abbott names a replacement. In the announcement Abbott said in part, “Texans deserve to have trust and confidence in the Public Utility Commission, and this action is one of many steps that will be taken to achieve that goal.”

The forgotten need for good soil

The forgotten need for good soil

Healthy soil provides healthy plants that aren’t bothered by pests. Many articles have mentioned the need for good soil. Items such as synthetic fertilizers contain salts; Synthetic fertilizers don’t improve the soil, but degrade it; Poor soils result in higher pathogens that plants can’t fight; Vegetable nutritional value has been significantly reduced in our lifetime; and so on.


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