Speeding in the fast lane

After many years of neglecting his family, a hard-working successful salesman finally took his wife on a date. Unfortunately, very conscious of the time he was ‘wasting’, he frequently checked his watch. Fed up with his inattentiveness, she finally confronted him over dessert. His sheepishly distracted answer, “Um, I’m just checking what time it is,” earned her cold glare and this comment before she stormed away.

What makes a pepper sweet or hot?

What makes a pepper sweet or hot?

It’s been considered funny for most of my lifetime to offer someone a hot pepper, telling that person it’s a mild pepper, such as jalapeno slices on a plate of nachos. Chomping into one of these innocent looking nachos can make an untested one’s mouth explode with fire. Sorry, that’s not my cup of tea, but it does raise a question. What makes a pepper hot?


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