My bed was already on fire

A book title, “It Was On Fire When I Laid Down On It” caught my eye a few years ago. Curiosity being what it is, I looked up the story behind that title. True story. A small local fire department was called to put out a house fire. They also found and rescued a man trapped inside. Some days after his rescue, it was determined that the fire had begun with the mattress where he was found. Later, the local media asked the man about the cause of the blaze.

Texas Blue Norther and 25 below

Have you ever been cold? I mean really cold? So cold that your teeth chattered and your body seemed to be going into a defensive condition. Well I guess I was not about to die but I had the feeling that I was going to freeze to death way back one time. It was up in December and we were out working in the cotton field in West Texas. We were not very far from the house. In fact the cotton field ran up into the yard. The good cotton had already been picked and we were going through trying to get the few remaining bolls. It was very slim pickings. All of the family was out there including the young three and five year old kids. Winter was upon us, Christmas was coming and we needed a bill of groceries.

Labor Day: Make Investments Work as Hard as You Do

Labor Day: Make Investments Work as Hard as You Do

Labor Day is almost here. Of course, this year, the holiday may have a different impact, given the employment-related stress and disruptions stemming from the coronavirus. Yet, it’s good to recognize the value of work and its importance in achieving your life’s goals. But if you’re going to retire comfortably and reach your other financial objectives, you also need to invest – and your investments need to work as hard as you do.

2020: A Brave New World

2020: A Brave New World

I look forward to the day sometime way in the distant future (most likely in July, on a Thursday, in the year 2040) when our present will be nothing more than a hazy passing dream, and I’ll sit down to read all about the historical events that happened right under our noses while we were out watching chickens cross the road.


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