Jamal Mikal Hudson

Jamal Mikal Hudson, 21, was born on Nov. 26, 1997, and was a resident of Mount Pleasant for many years and moved to Kerrville, Texas where he graduated from high school.

Jamal Mikal Hudson was the son of Jamie Lewis(Aaron Lewis), brother to Janissa Davis(Stacey Davis Jr), Blayne and Courtney Donald. Jamal was the uncle of Anastacia and Ariiyah Davis who he treasured dearly.

Laura, Casey, and Dyllin Kimball, as well as Corey Warner, were very cherished adoptive family. Michelle Cobern was his voice in life and in death. Kezia Vega was a beloved best friend. Jamal Hudson left this earth on Aug. 12, 2019.

Jamal Hudson was a kind, sweet considerate soul; a free spirit. Full of love and protection for those he held dear.

His music and poetry was how he expressed himself the best. He was a poet at heart.

Jamal Hudson was truly a sweet, caring gentleman, to know him was to love him.

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