COVID-19 update: cases now at 220

Titus County Judge Brian Lee has announced that the cumulative COVID-19 cases are now at 220. 

According to Lee, the State website is showing fewer cases due to a lag in processing information.

"We are receiving local positive test results from the hospital, local Clinics and Doctors faster than the State Health Department is reporting them to us," Lee said.

The new cases do no include test results from nursing homes or Pilgrim's from the testing that was performed earlier this week. Lee mentioned that there was a significant connection to the poultry plant, but there are connections to other industries and plants.

Other details Lee mentioned are:

  • There is a large number of same residence illnesses
  • TRMC/Family Care Center doctors are all reporting much larger numbers of testing and patients with symptoms
  • Much higher positive test results as a percentage of tests performed
  • Hospital reports 14 COVID patients in house as of May 21; still within their capacity

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